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Design UI/UX

No one likes complex stuff! How many times have you logged off a website just because you felt that it was difficult to navigate? Wouldn’t you rather be on a website that is a treat to the eyes and is easier to skim through. Afterall mazes are meant to be a part of games, hello? Who wants to play a game while reading up something or buying something important? Yeah, we get that! That’s why, when we begin working on your project, we play the game of designing a fine consumer journey and going through it multiple times, so that your consumer can have a smooth journey while going through your website. Makes sense?

Logo & Branding User Experience Information Architecture Prototyping Mobile & Web Design

App Development

Our bunch of technology lovers can’t keep their hands off of their phones, and that’s what we love about them. Surprised? Well, how can you understand consumers when you don’t live their life? While we set out to build some ap-pic apps, we realize it is essential to understand how our consumers function. Trust our team to help build an app for you that will make your consumers fall in love with you.

ios Development Android Development Flutter Development React Native Development

Website Development

1 idea serves all is a philosophy we all stay away from. Our team believes in the concept of hyper-customization – i.e. going in-depth and researching every little bit there is, to understand your clients. We’ll bug you with endless questions, get into the shoes of your TG (we do that pretty well) to understand the consumer journey, and then arrive at a solution that suits your requirements. Research forms an integral part of our development process, apart from staying abreast with the latest innovations and solutions in the field of technology.

Website Development Responsive Customization Technology

Enterprise App Development

So, you have a hugeeeee team, and you want to make an app just for them? We heard you. Right from making apps for all your internal convos, to delivering the right message to you consumers, we make apps for every target group.


Digital Marketing

When you tell people you are a digital agency, it is assumed that you know your way around social media and can help your client make it bigggg on social media. But here’s how we are different. We are driven by tech and innovation with a knack for social media. Each of the thing we do on social will have a touch of innovation and uniqueness to it. Don’t believe us? Check out some of our works.

SEO & ASO Paid Media Planning & Implementation Campaign ROI Monitoring & Reporting

How it Works ?

Product Research



1/2 - 2 Weeks

We never begin any project without research. A thorough study of the market, our TG, and what our competitors are doing, are the first steps of any project we take.

UI/UX Design



1/2 - 2 Weeks

Once we’ve evaluated the market, we begin work on the design. A defined consumer journey helps us design a foolproof UI/UX design.




1/2 - 2 Weeks

Once we’re doubly sure that the UI/UX design is good to go, we dive into the development process. Here’s when the design comes alive and everything falls into place.

Prepare To Launch



1/2 - 2 Weeks

It’s time to show the world the marvel that we’ve created. Once the development is done and we’ve done enough testing to know that it’s ready to step into the world, we’re ready to launch.

Project Maintenance



1/2 - 2 Weeks

But wait… what if you need help and assistance after the product has been developed and launched? Need to upgrade? Want more features? Need help with something? We’ve got your back for good!

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