PaperVideo Case Study

Turning your smartphone into a class

Bringing Classrooms To Your Smartphone

As the e-learning culture began to gain momentum, we were approached by – Paper Video – an e-learning portal that prides in calling itself a digital classroom.

Paper Video told us, “We aspire to be the first choice for students, all over, to learn and grow with, with the online tools made available to them. How can you help us get there?”

They educated us about the unique and informative digital experiences that they have created for students. We gave it no second thought and jumped on the opportunity to help improve India’s education ecosystem.

The Product

The team wanted us to help them with digital strategies to provide a unique user-experience. “What are the possibilities they asked?” “Endless”, we said!

Paper Video was established with the vision of creating a positive impact on the way children study. The idea was to develop an e-learning portal with a holistic curriculum that was easy to understand and consume. What makes Paper Video unique is the ease of understanding that the portal provides along with a simple and user-friendly way to explore the various modules available.

The Challenge

When Paper Video approached us, their app was already live on the app store. However, the existing app lacked an intuitive UI/UX that hindered better reach, recall, and usability among the end-users – i.e. students choosing to study online.

Paper Video was designed specifically for students taking classes online. Hence, the most important thing was to ensure that the design and functionality were as easy as possible to understand and navigate through - so that students wouldn’t end up wasting too much time on the app – trying to understand it.

Since our first meeting with the team, we knew that the brand had great potential to grow. All it needed was a little support and the resources to bring their wonderful ideas to life.

The challenge wasn’t to create a mobile app or a website. But it was to develop an app and a website that seamlessly integrated all the aspects of online learning, like, online classrooms, explainer videos, explainer videos, targeted topics, and an all-in-one dashboard for the students to access everything from learning material to timetables, easily.

We broke down the Work

The Solution

Since giving the Paper Video website and the app seemed like a tough job, initially, our entire development team got to work.

Most of our projects begin with research. And this project was no different. We developed audience personas to delve deeper into the consumer journeys of the potential target groups. This was the first and the most crucial part of the project. This groundwork helped us get kickstarted with phase 1 of the project - establishing the design of the new site architecture. Phase 1 was completely focused on redesigning and redeveloping the site with custom graphics and responsive designs. New content was put up, explaining and educating the students about the benefits of Paper Video.

Phase two ran parallelly – focusing on the user experience and functionality of the product.

Within no time, we were able to transform the brief on paper to a full-fledged digital classroom project.

The digital solution that we created for Paper Video dwelled upon the idea of an active online community that promotes learning, not only through bookish chapters and homework, but through the effective approach of interactive knowledge sharing.

Proposed Solution

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