MyTree Case Study

The ‘मैत्री’ community

The "मैत्री" Community

A small team walked into our office one day with a unique, out-of-the-box idea that needed a mobile app and website as exceptional as the idea itself.

A platform for community building for foodies? The idea was simple and yet so delicious!

The team was halfway through the idea narration, and we were already sold!

That’s how MyTree was born.

The Product

A wordplay of the Marathi word ‘Maitri’, meaning friendship

MyTree is your friendly neighbourhood app that allows you to order homecooked food from home chefs in your neighbourhood.

The idea served two basic needs, especially during Covid times – the need to enjoy good food (for food lovers) and the need to make some extra bucks (for home chefs). All in all, it was an idea as sweet as honey.

The Challenge

When the MyTree approached us, the product was still in a very nascent stage. The core thought was to bring people of a community together, to collaborate and enjoy home-cooked food that was hygienic and trustworthy, too.

However, since the target group was extremely diverse (in terms of age group, financial backgrounds, psychographics, etc.), we realized that the app interface had to be such that anyone and everyone could navigate through it easily.

The app was to be a hyperlocal food app with ease of use, efficient, and secure.

Solving for masses

The Solution

An app designed to satiate the cravings of food lovers brought with it a team that was hungry for something phenomenal and difficult to please!

Our developers sat through various brainstorming sessions, trashed a couple of ideas, and finally came up with a roadmap for an intuitive system that not only allowed users to post or browse dishes but also allowed people to place orders easily.

The main user flow was defined using simple wireframes. Once we set created the basic layout, the wireframes were put together to launch the first interactive prototype.

Being a finesse-hungry mobile development agency, we not only focused on building a stunning UX, but we also gave a lot of emphasis on the integration of user postings and purchases together, making the app as seamless and simple as possible for both the buyers as well as home chefs. To entice users and to help with efficient onboarding, we also put together a series of illustrations and graphics that would give the MyTree team what they needed to get the ball rolling in the initial stages.

Proposed Solution

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